Aug 23, 2010
I would like to document an issue I have had in the hopes of gaining enough support to see a fix.
I will update this post if any updates arise.

The Issue:
When making use of the SpamAssassin Spam Box feature, Exim is configured to send everything to .spam, but Roundcube creates a default folder '.Junk' instead of matching '.spam', forcing the user to manually subscribe to the new, true, spam folder. This causes a bunch of confusion for the average user.

Possible fix 1:
Force the creation of the new '.spam' folder (instead of waiting for first spam) and symlink to .Junk
Issue: clients that do not respect subscriptions will show users both folders

Current Working Fix: (with added bonus)
1) Turn off SpamAssassin Auto-delete
2) Turn on SpamAssassin Spam Box

You will now need a way to automate your users subscribing to it, moving emails, and deleting the old folder(s). This can easily be done with a roundcube plugin.

3) Create a folder for your new plugin
# mkdir /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/plugins/folderfix
# touch /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/plugins/folderfix/folderfix.php
# chown -R root:wheel /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/plugins/folderfix
4) Edit /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/plugins/folderfix/folderfix.php with your favorite editor, adding the following:
 * folderfix plugin
 * this plugin moves emails and deletes spam folders that don't fit cPanel's .spam design
class folderfix extends rcube_plugin {

  public $task = 'login';

  function init() {
    $this->add_hook( 'login_after', array($this, 'fix_folders') );

  function fix_folders($args) {
    $rcmail = rcmail::get_instance();
    // create special folders on every login
    $specialfolders = array( 'drafts_mbox', 'junk_mbox', 'sent_mbox', 'trash_mbox' );
    foreach( $specialfolders as $folder ) {
      if( $rcmail->config->get($folder) ) {
        $foldername = $rcmail->config->get($folder);
        if( !$rcmail->imap->mailbox_exists($foldername) )
          $rcmail->imap->create_mailbox($foldername, true);
        else if( !$rcmail->imap->mailbox_exists($foldername, true) )
    if( $rcmail->imap->mailbox_exists('INBOX.Junk') ) {
      $rcmail->imap->move_message( '*', 'INBOX.spam', 'INBOX.Junk' );
    else if( $rcmail->imap->mailbox_exists('INBOX.junk') ) {
      $rcmail->imap->move_message( '*', 'INBOX.spam', 'INBOX.junk' );
    else if( $rcmail->imap->mailbox_exists('INBOX.Spam') ) {
      $rcmail->imap->move_message( '*', 'INBOX.spam', 'INBOX.Spam' );
    return $args;
5) Edit /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/config/ to match the following:
$rcmail_config['junk_mbox'] = 'INBOX.spam';
$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('cpanellogin','cpanellogout','folderfix');
Now, when a user logs in, the script will check to make sure the user has and is subscribed to all the "special folders" (drafts, sent, etc)

Obviously cPanel is going to write over all this upon update, so we need to follow the official guide for deploying a custom roundcube package.

I plan to look into a command line solution for all those Mac Mail/Thunderbird/etc users.
Check back for updates and help me make this a known issue... maybe they will put out an official fix :)
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Aug 23, 2010
Hello, the attachment has been removed.
Thank you for taking a look at my thread.
Why was the file removed? Did I violate a policy? I can link to at offsite server if you would like...
Further, this is flat out a bug, not a feature request or addon advertisement.