James Tavendale

Nov 9, 2016
South Africa
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Good day,

We have recently changed the flow of our emails into the domain and since making the change we are receiving a lot of spam email, specifically what seems to be RansomWare.

Old config: We used mailboxes on the domain hosting server and a pop connector to upload the emails from the mailboxes to the Exchange server mailboxes.

New config: We have now set-up an mx record to route the incoming emails directly to the server that runs Exchange.

Since doing this we have started receiving a lot of emails selling ED medication and with attachments that seem to be both RansomWare and Phishing type emails.

I have enable SpamAssasin and Greylist in the CPanel but it does not seem to be at all effective. Does SpamAssasin and Greylist actively scan/interigate emails that are routed from the domain to the Exchange server by an mx record?

Are there any other tools in CPAnel that I should be using?




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Apr 11, 2011

The email should not reach the cPanel server if the MX record is configured to point to a remote mail server. Instead, the mail should route directly to the mail server configured in the MX record. Thus, you'd have to investigate options and steps available on the Exchange server to prevent SPAM.

Thank you.