SPAM rbl - please help, whitelist dont work :(


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Oct 14, 2003
Hello, i need help, i have newest cPanel version on RedHat enterprise 4 and have problem because whitelist, backlist dont work :(

Couple months ago working OK but now i dont know why whitelist and black list dont work, the same situation o 4 servers.

Maybe someone can help me?

I need something to RBL but must be with whitelist option...

Creating lsearch files

Create three text files in the /etc directory:

Do this by executing the following commands:

cd /etc
touch rblblacklist
touch rblbypass
touch rblwhitelist

/etc/rblblacklist is a manual blacklist, it rejects specific spammer hosts BEFORE they can send more email to your server: 

/etc/rblbypass bypasses RBL email testing for specific destination (local) domains that don't want RBL filtering or prefer SpamAssassin tagging: 

/etc/rblwhitelist blocks RBL email testing for listed incoming hosts, (wildcards allowed), in case an important client's mailserver is listed on an RBL you use, also automatically excludes relayhosts:


If you use the WHM-based Exim Configuration Editor, all of your modifications will be reproduced after each update. If you edit exim.conf directly, cPanel updates MAY overwrite your changes! Because of this, the following changes should be entered using the Exim Configuration Editor.

Setting up lsearch files

At the top of the editor, in the window below:
#!!# cPanel Exim 4 Config

Enter these lines: 
domainlist rbl_blacklist = lsearch;/etc/rblblacklist
domainlist rbl_bypass = lsearch;/etc/rblbypass
hostlist rbl_whitelist = lsearch;/etc/relayhosts : partial-lsearch;/etc/rblwhitelist 

RBL entries in ACL Section

RBL selection depends on many factors, be sure to edit the list below to reflect your priorities... Postmaster and abuse bypass allows blocked users to contact admin.

In the center window of the ACL section, directly below the line:
accept hosts = :

Enter these lines: 

#**# RBL List Begin
# Always accept mail to postmaster & abuse for any local domain
accept domains = +local_domains
local_parts = postmaster:abuse
# Check sending hosts against DNS black lists.
# Reject message if address listed in blacklist.
deny message = Message rejected because $sender_fullhost \
is blacklisted at $dnslist_domain see $dnslist_text
dnslists = : \ : \
# RBL Bypass Local Domain List
!domains = +rbl_bypass
# RBL Whitelist incoming hosts
!hosts = +rbl_whitelist 
#**# RBL List End

RBL entries in ROUTERS Section

In the ROUTERS section window, directly below the line:
# in the "local_domains" setting above.

Enter these lines:
# Deny and send notice to list of rejected domains.
driver = redirect
# RBL Blacklist incoming hosts
domains = +rbl_blacklist
data = :fail: Connection rejected: SPAM source $domain is manually blacklisted.

RBL Testing and Verification

Once your file changes are in place, be sure to keep an eye out for errors... missing files and other errors will be listed here:
tail -50 /var/log/exim_paniclog 

You can view your spam filtering by reviewing the reject log:
tail -50 /var/log/exim_rejectlog