SpamAssasin and MailBox [moved]


Oct 31, 2005
SpamAssasin and MailBox

Hello all

I activated spam assassin on the Cpanel. Now we find that some of the legitimate mails are also being treated as SPAM by spamassassin. Even mails within the same domain are not reaching the mail box of MS Outlook. i mean [email protected] is not able receive mails of [email protected]

I have tried the documentation of the CPAnel but it is not giving me much information.

Can anyone help me on the following issues :
1) How to Know which mails have been made SPAM by SPAM ASSASSIN

I have activated the SPAM box on the control panel. How do i view the mails in the spambox the "spam box" onto the MS Outlook or MS OutlookExpress

Thanks in Advance