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Aug 10, 2002
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I was reading through another thread on here concerning SpamAssassin and realized that I may not be configuring SpamAssassin to its optimum level.

What is the best way to configure SpamAssassin with all the necessary plugins and what have you for a server? We have a new server that is getting ready to go online and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try and optimize SpamAssassin for better spam scanning.

We don't use Mailscanner. I'm sure it does have its pluses, but I like to keep all of the server as close to identical as possible and at this time I don't really want to go through installing Mailscanner on all of the servers. Perhaps at a later time, but not right now.

We just allow users to enable SpamAssassin from their control panel. We don't do any type of server-side spam filtering. We prefer to let end users decide how much control they want on fighting spam for their domain.

Are there any special perl modules that I should install for SpamAssassin? Any other plugins? If the server is brand new with a fresh install of cPanel what steps should be taken to get SpamAssassin up-to-date and to where it is effectively filtering spam?

The topic has probably been discussed on this forum, but there may be threads scattered across the forum. It might be helpful for me and anyone else to have a good defined set of steps to take for configuring SpamAssassin.