Spamassassin ->Spambox stupid Feature "eats" all webspace...


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Jul 13, 2002
hi all,
the spamassassin software itselve is a goo tool. However, more and more customers comes and clime "my webspace is full...WHY? i have 50MB of webspace and 20 is use by my website...where are the other 30MB of webspace going??"
How to explain that it is fulled up by spamassassin and if they does not clean there folder afther 6 months they will use all there webspace.
So is there any way to delete by default all mails in spamboxes for ALL e-mail accounts on a server??
Also a third party prog. would be greatly appreciated...
I also would be happy to pay a little fee as i cannot go trought a server with hundreds of spamboxes every week and delete spam manually