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Spamassassin Tool check_whitelist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aarondwyer, May 8, 2006.

  1. aarondwyer

    aarondwyer Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    I need help tweaking the spamassassin check_whitelist tool that parses the autowhitelist feature of spamassassin.

    It's a perl script and when run without arguments it will open my root auto-whitelist file no probs, but when I give it an argument to do a users autowhitelist it just won't read the file.

    Even if I chown it and chmod it, it just won't read the file.

    check_whitelist /home/user/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist

    Has any had this problem before or are good with Perl scripts. I just don't have a clue what to try next.

    Here is the script.


    # TODO: should this be made a top-level script, called "sa-awl"?
    sub usage {
      die "
    usage: check_whitelist [--clean] [--min n] [dbfile]
    use strict;
    use Fcntl;
    use Getopt::Long;
    use vars qw(
    		$opt_clean $opt_min $opt_help
      'clean'		=> \$opt_clean,
      'min:i'		=> \$opt_min,
      'help'		=> \$opt_help
    ) or usage();
    $opt_help and usage();
    $opt_min ||= 2;
    BEGIN { @AnyDBM_File::ISA = qw(DB_File GDBM_File NDBM_File SDBM_File); }
    use AnyDBM_File ;
    my $db;
    if ($#ARGV == -1) {
      $db = $ENV{HOME}."/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist";
    } else {
      $db = $ARGV[0];
    my %h;
    if ($opt_clean) {
      tie %h, "AnyDBM_File",$db, O_RDWR,0600
          or die "Cannot open r/w file $db: $!\n";
    } else {
      tie %h, "AnyDBM_File",$db, O_RDONLY,0600
          or die "Cannot open file $db: $!\n";
    my @k = grep(!/totscore$/,keys(%h));
    for my $key (@k)
      my $totscore = $h{"$key|totscore"};
      my $count = $h{$key};
      next unless defined($totscore);
      if ($opt_clean) {
        if ($count >= $opt_min) { next; }
        print "cleaning: ";
      printf "% 8.1f %15s  --  %s\n",
    		  $totscore/$count, (sprintf "(%.1f/%d)",$totscore,$count),
      if ($opt_clean) {
        delete $h{"$key|totscore"};
        delete $h{$key};
    untie %h;
    =head1 NAME
    check_whitelist - examine and manipulate SpamAssassin's auto-whitelist db
    =head1 SYNOPSIS
    B<check_whitelist> [--clean] [--min n] [dbfile]
    =head1 DESCRIPTION
    Check or clean a SpamAssassin auto-whitelist (AWL) database file.
    The name of the file is specified after any options, as C<dbfile>.
    The default is C<$HOME/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist>.
    =head1 OPTIONS
    =over 4
    =item --clean
    Clean out infrequently-used AWL entries.  The C<--min> switch can be
    used to select the threshold at which entries are kept or deleted.
    =item --min n
    Select the threshold at which entries are kept or deleted when C<--clean> is
    used.  The default is C<2>, so entries that have only been seen once are
    =head1 OUTPUT
    The output looks like this:
    For example:
         0.0         (0.0/7)  --|ip=208.192
        21.8        (43.7/2)  --|ip=200.106
    C<AVG> is the average score;  C<TOTSCORE> is the total score of all mails seen
    so far;  C<COUNT> is the number of messages seen from that sender;  C<EMAIL> is
    the sender's email address, and C<IPBASE> is the B<AWL base IP address>.
    B<AWL base IP address> is a way to identify the sender's IP address they
    frequently send from, in an approximate way, but remaining hard for spammers to
    spoof.  The algorithm is as follows:
      - take the last Received header that contains a public IP address -- namely
        one which is not in private, unrouted IP space.
      - chop off the last two octets, assuming that the user may be in an ISP's
        dynamic address pool.

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