SpamAssassing Problem (Can't turn off Auto-Delete or adjust once turned on)


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May 29, 2003
Apex, NC
This problem only manifests itself once a person chooses to Auto-Delete in their control panel, if they don't, everything looks normal. Basically, if they enable auto delete, all that's left on the spamassassin config screen is the status and the enable/disable buttons. Under that there is a box that says, "Filters [a fatal error or timeout occured while processing this directive]", when you click on it, it displays the following debug info:

Quantifier follows nothing before HERE mark in regex m/+ << HERE / at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 66.
	Cpanel::StringFunc::countchar('++++++', '+') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 4536
	Cpanel::Email::_get_autodelete_filters('HASH(0xa623254)', 6) called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 4486
	Cpanel::Email::has_spam_autodelete() called at line 427
	main::__ANON__() called at line 1766
	main::exectag('<cpanel Email="has_spam_autodelete()">') called at line 4742
	main::dotag(undef) called at line 4625
	main::cpanel_parseblock('SCALAR(0x93a5bd0)') called at line 4577
	main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0xa1ca94c)') called at line 1303
SpamAssassin still seems to be working fine, but the problem is once a user has enabled auto-delete there's no way to adjust the tolerance, disable it, or adjust his SA options (other than enable/disable up top). I am running 11.24.2-CURRENT.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


Douglas Thigpen