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Jan 30, 2002
hi all,
we had some spam complains that comes from an account on our server. Client say he never sent this e-mail.
Now, prob. somone use our/his SMTP server to send e-mail trought that account ( of course we have disable exim on that server)

But, is there a way to know wich account has spamed around ??
Are there some log (exept: /var/log ) ???



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Aug 16, 2001
hi maxhost

hi maxhost

you must be having some old formmail scripts installed on your clients site.

the old version of formmail can be utilised to spam.. what i suggest you to do is.

first get the latest version of formmail from the following url

plus you should enable suexec option from your WHM -
if you do not have suexec enabled then the headers of the submited form using formmail script will look something like this

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Return-path: &[email protected]&
Envelope-to: [email protected]
Delivery-date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:32:46 +0530
Received: from nobody by with local (Exim 3.35 #1)
id 16sfjC-00063H-00
for [email protected]; Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:32:46 +0530
To: [email protected]
From: [email protected] ()
Subject: Formmail Submission Subject
Message-Id: &[email protected]&
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:32:46 +0530

once you enable suexec the headers will change and you will exactly know which domain has an old formmail script

after enabling suexec the return path will be [email protected]

if you want more help you can contact me on
icq : 17664324
msn : [email protected]
yahoo : princeofbaroda

best regards,
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