Special Mail Routing/accepting rules?


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May 30, 2003
I know you can assign a "default" email address that allows you to accept <anything>@yourdomain.com

Obviously this isn't the best idea, as the server will accept all spam and returned failed emails to <anything>@yourdomain.com

I do however, love the fact that I can make up an address and be able to receive email at that address, without having to log into cpanel and create the email address. For instance, if I purchase something from BestBuy, the email address I give them is [email protected].

This is actually great, because I can tell when I start getting spam to the account, where the email was stolen from. Plus, I can filter it a separate folder, if it starts getting a TON of spam. (So far both [email protected] and [email protected] have started getting spam... interesting.. eh?)

Now my problem is that I'm starting to get about 900 returned mails a day to junk email addresses like [email protected]. These are returned mails from computers out that that probably have a virus that is sending out emails as random addresses at mydomain. When they send to an email address that doesn't exist, the email gets returned to my server.

So I'd like to keep my ability to make up addresses on the fly without having to create new email accounts.

So I'm curious if there is a way to set up the following rule set for accepting email:

Allow: [email protected] (email address created in cpanel)
Allow: [email protected] (another email address created in cpanel)
Allow: *[email protected] (allow me to dynamically make up email addresses and receive them to a default account, so long as they end in [email protected])
Reject: everything else (rejects stuff like [email protected])