SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set but dmarc-reports keep saying the opposite

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CENTOS 7.9 kvm
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Mar 25, 2019
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I would fancy a guess that most cPanel based hosting providers have a server and maybe a DNS cluster or maybe they host DNS on the same server. If you are using such a provider and you set up DKIM in your cPanel and if you use that same server to send out mail - then your messages will get signed by the appropriate DKIM private key. And when recipients receive your message they'll be able to look up the appropriate DKIM public key to decrypt the necessary information to yield a DKIM success.
thanks for the very detailed answer… indeed this is our current set up, except apparently when server send out mail, they go thru a relay server and this server is messing up the dkim check

but like I said in another post, we have been using this server from godaddy for over two years now and never had any problems regarding email deliveryability , it’s just that our dmarc didn’t have any email address configured under the rua setting so we weren’t receiving these reports, but apparently everything works like usual and the only way to actually “fix” this would be setting up my own relay server

thanks again