SPF Includes removed after adding or removing Alias


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Jul 9, 2015
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I have a reproduceable bug regarding SPF Includes. I'm currently running RELEASE v76.0.20.

1.) Set up SPF Include(s) under Authentication for PrimaryDomain.tld. Save. Zone is published and correct.

2.) Add AliasDomain.tld to the same cPanel account.

3.) Go back to Authentication and observe that the the Includes textbox is empty. I have verified that the zone itself shows this when directly viewing the primarydomain.db as well.

I've found that the Includes are cleared when adding OR removing an Alias domain. It may also be affected by Add-On and/or Subdomains. Only the "Include List" is affected -- allowed IP addresses/blocks are not removed.

This can result in lost mail due to settings being cleared unexpectedly. Please advise.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @brt

I'm not able to replicate this. Here's what I did:

1. On a v76.0.20 server I created an account with the domain cptest.tld

2. I added an include to the spf of google.com

3. I added the alias domain test.com

4. I went back to mail authentication and found that the include was still present for the domain - the screenshot below is from when I checked after the alias domain was added: