SPF, SRS, forwarding, help heeded


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Sep 4, 2001
I have read many threads about SPF and SRS and forwarding and I am totally confused as to the current situation.

I host a small number of sites (about 100) for a very small group of professionals. I want to be more up to date on my spam settings and need to know:

1. Should I activate SPF and Domain Keys on all domains I host via their individual CPanels? I do "managed" hosting so I have access to each Cpanel. I don't see any downside in this, but wanted to check to make sure.

2. In WHM under Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Editor > Blacklist: SPF Checking is currently off, the default. If I turn it on will it stop legitimate email?

3. A couple of years ago when I was checking into this it was said that checking incoming mail for SPF records would not allow forwarded email through? Has that problem been resolved or does SPF checking still cause problems with forwarded email?

Most of my customers have some email forwarded from their domain I host to their ISP email or gmail, or whatever. I don't want to mess that up.

Thanks for any help! I have been a member here a long time but since I am not a big host and hosting is not my main business I don't come here often to keep up with things, so I thank everyone for their help!


Feb 21, 2012
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I turned it on for the domains I manage, I would definitely enable domainkeys without reservation. The SPF records you're going to have to be a little careful.

I would just implement something basic like "v=spf1 a mx ?all"

If you follow the wizard..
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The ?all at the end means, returns a Neutral so it doesn't hurt spam scores if they send with a different provider.