SPF validation & SRS support - what is going on please?


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Nov 28, 2006
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I have emailed Alex (cPanel), but as others will probably find it useful, here is a copy of what I wrote:

... <snip> I am now in a position where two servers, several administrators and lots of users are in a state of confusion!

We were updated on Monday to WHM 11.23.0/cPanel 11.23.3-R25133 and Exim-4.69-5_cpanel_maildir.

There is no clear guidance about how to activate incoming SPF checking, and it is unclear in the WHM Exim config whether it is doing it via SpamAssassin or directly. Is there a link to a relevant place please?

Because both servers make extensive use of forwarders, we need SRS before we can safely use SPF, but SRS support seems to be incomplete and also not documented. I tried adding a bit of code from the Exim Wiki, as suggested by one of your colleagues, but it just gives an error.

Can you give us any reassurance about what is happening on these two areas, please.

If there is now any DomainKeys information, this would also be appreciated, and I am sure several forum users are interested in all these features becoming readily useable.

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