Squirrelmail does not show messages in order or with date


Jan 16, 2011

I have the following problem with one mailbox.

When the user logs in with squirrelmail it does not show the date correct like Monday 17 January. Just only as Monday. Second it does not show messages in time order. Messages can be in order like Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Friday.

The user has hundreds of mail accumulated over the years.

When I log in with Roundcube there is no date or time problem and everything is shown correct. I transfered the account to another cpanel server, but the problems remains with that mailbox.
The email headers are correct.

I tried changing Squirrelmail theme. Time zone is set to default and the server time is correct. Only one mailbox has this problem no other user has this problem.

Anybody seen this before and knows how to solve it ...



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Oct 2, 2010
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Please try going into Squirrelmail > Options > Display Preferences for that set email account and check:

Always Show Full Date
See if that fixes the issue. Of note, their preferences are going to save when the account is moved, so if they've set something differently for a preference, moving the account will not change the display setting.

Next, in the inbox area, check that it shows "Thread View" as a link. If it instead has "Unthread View" then the user has switched it to threaded and messages will sort by the newest in the thread for each message rather than by set date order. Simply click "Unthread view" link to switch it back to unthreaded.