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SquirrelMail upgrade - anyway possible?

Discussion in 'cPanel Developers' started by Lostnode, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Lostnode

    Lostnode Member

    May 27, 2004
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    Ok, the squirrelmail version in cpanel as it stands is version 1.4.0, very outdated... is there anyway to upgrade this? I have read forums where those who have tried to update it got caught with incompatibilities... apparently cPanel overwrites some of the files and messes it up... I would like to upgrade manualy to the newest version. Is there any way I can do this? There are some plugins that I would like to offer that do not work on 1.4.0.

  2. zappz

    zappz Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2003
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  3. Lostnode

    Lostnode Member

    May 27, 2004
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    Actualy, that helps out a lot more than the first reply, and let me tell you why. I am not upgrading for personal use, I am upgrading for all my clients... And telling 100 so people "Hey, change what you have been doing and go here instead" and losing a whole lotta data, bad idea. This upgrading to 1.4.3, good diea.

    Thanks Zappz.
  4. SarcNBit

    SarcNBit Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2003
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    I thought it might be worthwhile to remind cpanel of the SquirrelMail changelog:

    Version 1.4.3a - 2 June 2004
    - Fix typo in compose.php reply/reply to all quoting (#963499).

    Version 1.4.3 - 30 May 2004
    - Fix form functions default parameter.
    - Disabled Korean extra functions, because they don't provide all required
    options and message composition is broken.
    - Added Basque translation support.
    - Fixed XSS vulnarability in content-type display in the attachment area
    of read_body.php discovered by Roman Medina.

    Version 1.4.3-RC1 - 10 May 2004
    - Added new preference that determines cursor focus when replying.
    - HTML Filter bugfixes and further strengthening in response to some
    findings reported by stardust.
    - Display total number of new messages in newmail-plugin popup window.
    - Disabled Vietnamese and Ukrainian translations. They are done in different
    - Ported charset decoding support functions from SM head. Increases
    number of readable charsets.
    - Fix SquirrelMail to work with PHP5.
    - Reintroduce alternating row colors in addressbook, which has
    accidentally disappeared somewhere in the dark past.
    - Disabled Quick-email-reporting feature in spamcop plugin. (#809452). Admin
    can enable it by setting variable in plugins/spamcop/setup.php
    - Fix again for Internet Explorer's stupidity of decoding characters, then
    executing it blindly. See
    - Replaced obsolete RBL with RBL (#829887).
    - Fixed sorting of sent_subfolders.
    Sent_subfolder plugin is hooked to special_mailbox hook.
    Stable 1.4 tracker #699920.
    - New hook function: boolean_hook_function() Used for true/false hooks.
    - Fixed special_mailbox hook to allow more than one hooked plugin (#870365).
    - Added new reply citation to include date and author.
    - Fix some XSS issues.
    - Norwegian Bokmal translation uses nb_NO.
    - Improve display of some unparsable/absent dates (#891354).
    - Added non-anonymous LDAP bind and bind protocol patches from devel.
    - Add comment (Highest,Normal,Lowest) to X-Priority header.
    - Make writing of preferences, abook, calendars fail better when disk full
    - Fix quoteimap() regex escaping problem (#921291).
    - Added international date format support (#927264).
    - Fixed "Resume Draft" to use correct identity (#845290).
    - Fixed RFC2821 incompliancy by adding a fallback mechanism to HELO if
    EHLO is not supported.
    - Fixed RFC2298 incompliancy by setting envelope sender to null.
    - Allow single quotes to be used in theme name in (#805309).
    - Do not present special folders as renameable/deleteable (#816881).
    - Fixed on the fly decoding of base64 encoded attachments.
    - Fixed message rejects by the postfix sendmail wrapper when attachments were
    - Fixed scenario where just created special folders were not displayed on
    first login.
    - Fixed wrong folding of headerlines in composed messages containing long
    email addresses.
    - Fixed date display bug for messages of today. Show short format in case
    of long format. (only occures in the timeframe around 0:00 AM till
    - Use Special Folder Color config option works again (#931956).
    - In POP3-class, be more liberal regarding RFC-incompliant POP3-servers.

    Version 1.4.2 - 1 October 2003
    - Fix message highlighting for text containing spaces.
    - Added feature to allow user to switch on full date display in mailboxes instead
    of just partial date/time based on time of email, and current date.
    - Fixed bug that would cause e-mails dated in the future to be displayed with only
    the time.
    - Custom CSS option now works properly.
    - Fix SquirrelSpell JS incompatibility with other plugins that use forms like
    Link Buttons (#774454).
    - Fix when forwarding messages as attachment from message list, the displayed
    subject was wrong (appearing to the user that the wrong messages were attached).
    Closes #772371.
    - Fix that when user has no theme preference set, Alien Glow would be selected under
    display preferences instead of Default.
    - Remove chosen_theme from default_pref because this (wrongly) overrides the default
    theme defined in config.php.
    - Define defaults for missing colors in incomplete themes.
    - Updated 'action' to be 'smaction' so that plugins can modify the submit/action of
    forms. This was suggested for the gpg plugin, but might be useful elsewhere.
    - Fix bug that after sending reply user was returned to the first page of the
    message list, which should be the last-active page (use startMessage).
    - Fix forwarded emails as attachment from appended ) to the email.
    - Prevent username and password from being sent in error message if IMAP
    drops connection during login.
    - Workaround for Mozilla bug #200412 in order to show multipart/related html mail.
    - Fix for disappearing '0' from decoded strings (bug #784193).
    - Add Minimal BW theme: a colorless environment for browsers that don't support colors.
    - Replace all session_start() calls with sqsession_is_active() to be compatible
    with upcoming PHP 4.3.3.
    - Encoding of Russian translation changed to utf-8. Lithuanian translation changed
    to utf-8. Fix allows to use national letters in folder names correctly.
    - Reintroduced mailbox-tree caching in order to limit the number of IMAP calls.
    - Fix for delete_move_next plugin when using server threading.
    - Calendar plugin: in month view, display events on the same day sorted by time,
    and include the time of the event in its tooltip.
    - Fix nbsp instead of space and allow wider character set in filename when
    downloading attachment.
    - Fix to prevent mailboxes being deleted in selected state which is against
    - Fix reply all address string in case the personal name contained a comma
    (address separator).
    - Added Malaysian translation.
    - will no longer offer to detect login methods if TLS is being used,
    as the detection code does not support it.
    - Fix somewhat uncommon bug in paginator (bug #767289)

    Version 1.4.1 -- 7 July 2003
    - Fixes to for handling relative dirs outside the SM tree (bug #715119) and
    the default delete_folder values for Courier-IMAP and UW-IMAP (bug #715550).
    - Fixed problem with \ in passwords/usernames on login, fixes bug #718116.
    - Added lowsrc to the list of untrusted attributes in HTML email.
    - Fixed message highlighting for To, CC and From and
    for RFC1522 headers (bug #719564).
    - Fix for Folders being listed in create/remove/rename operations
    (bugs #725443, #722823, #729225).
    - Fixed incorrect folding inside message-id's.
    - Fix for bad attachment view link (bugs #697381, #729295).
    - Fix comp_in_new in search and addressbook not having right parameters (bug #731768).
    - Fix max attachment filesize off by factor 10 when ini_var set in bytes
    (bug #730742).
    - Fixed language bug in posting on modifying/deleting servers on mail_fetch plugin
    - Fixed infinite loop in parseAddress on invalid mailadress (#742584).
    - Added Welsh translation.
    - Fixed error with appending sent mail to sent folder when one wasn't set, or user
    preferred not to append the sent mail.
    - Updated plugin documentation.
    - Added Faroese translation.
    - Fix for bug #719619 (xhtml-style css definitions weren't working).
    - Fix bug #722933 where resuming a draft message would lose the reference headers.
    - Fix that sending of read receipts failed when JavaScript on and comp in new off
    (bug #738130).
    - New function: sm_print_r() intended for debugging. See
    - Update config_default to use SM_PATH. (bug #766577)
    - Minor misc. performance enhancements.

    Workarounds are nice but I say it is time for cPanel to update.
  5. projectandrew

    projectandrew Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2003
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    United Kingdom

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