Oct 28, 2005
Allright, I figured out where CPanel controls ULIMITS per user, being /etc/profile and /etc/bashrc. I modified the script so that two users (root and user000) get the same ULIMITs. Well, when user000 logs in via SSH, they do not get nor cannot set the ULIMITS. But, by SUing to their account from root, the ULIMITs become set (they were not being set when SUing over before I modified the script). Does CPANEL set up some enforced jail against users on the machine?

user000 was added via useradd on the SSHD shell prompt. It's not a CPANEL user.
cat /etc/passwd | grep user000

Any ideas? I'm thinking CPanel may setup an enforced chroot jail or something. I want to have this account have the privledges defined.

BTW, my editing of the ULIMIT script is simple:
if [ "$LIMITUSER" != "root" ] ; then <--- remove that
if [ "$LIMITUSER" != "root" ] && [ "$LIMITUSER" != "user000" ]; then <--- replace with.

Thanks for help in advance!