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Nov 3, 2001
Hi all,
Just logged into SSH using a user\'s username and password and found out that I was able to browse beyond his realm.

First I typed \'cd /\' and then \'ls\' and for the list of the files on the \'/\' in the server.

Then I pushed it further and went to another customer\'s directory \' cd /home/other_user/public_html\' and then did an \'ls\' and got the other user\'s files.

I was even allowed to do a \'cat filename\' on his account.

Is this normal?

I am a newbie but I remember using a telnet account before purchasing my server and not being allowed to go beyond \'/home/my_space/\'

Is there a way to limit access?

Feel pretty concerned about my users privacy.

I would really appreciate any assistance regarding this.