Oct 11, 2006
We are having some major problems with CPanel (Fedora Core 4):

After the installation, everything seemed to be running fine. We then SSHD in and created some new user accounts, and added select users to the Wheel group. We noticed sudo wasn't configured properly, so we configured /etc/sudoers using visudo. And then we installed tripwire. We also made a new account in the WHM, and set up mail accounts and configured the domain.

When logged into the WHM, we tried to restart SSHD, but it failed. We then rebooted the server. There was an error about rights and sshd not being owned only by root. And then I get an email from cpanel saying: cpsrvd failed @ Wed Oct 11 11:17:47 2006. A restart was attempted automagicly.

Anybody have any clue as to what happened? Also, do the permission on SSHD need to be anything special for Cpanel to function? How in the world could the permissions on SSHD change?