SSL and WHM/cPanel, please help


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Nov 6, 2006
I have installed a Starfield certificate to WHM/cPanel. It is shown in 'SSL Manager'.

First I have set up the 'Web SSL/TLS' with host server.domain.tld (doen not belong to any user). Then I used 'Change Server Certificates' and pasted same certiciate there under the same host - server.domain.tld.

The problem is that a previous SSL that belonged to one system user AND cPanel/WHM service, named domain.tld is still in the list, but no longer in 'List SSL Hosts', so I can't delete it. When I try to remove it via cPanel's uder interface, it says it is intalled in system directory therefore can not be removed.

How to remove the old certificate domain.tld leaving the server.domain.tld which is in use now?

And another bad thing. When I access https://server.domain.tld Firefox does not complain about the certificate, but when I enter https://server.domain.tld:2087 (or cPanel, or mail ports) it says that certificate issuer is unknown but in info window shows Starfield :(
Opera gives OCSP request failed error. What's wrong with that?
IE does not complain at all.