SSL certificate error after transfering site between servers


Sep 19, 2010

I work with cpanel for several years and this one is a first.

I moved an account from cPanel (on phisical server) to a cPanel on a virtual server and after the change, the private IP was copied moved also to this new
server and assigned to the copied site, but when I open the site the certificate loading is from another site.

I verified everything, httpd.conf seems correctly configuraded, has the NameVirtualHosts for the domain https was restarted with startssl option, everything seems to be working good, but it is loading the wrong certificate even if in httpd.conf points to the correct file.

I even manually copied the key and cert files over the ones in this server
just to make sure it wasn't some kind of mixup...

I really need help on this one, any ideas what might be going on?