SSL Certificates for 2 domains that point to same folder in server


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Feb 25, 2005

I have 2 domains set up as independant accounts in cPanel, but I edited httpd.conf manually so both of them use the same document root folder in server.

That's because they both need to share the same php script and the url in browser needs to be either one or the other domain, not a subdomain or anything.

It works great, but I will have to add SSL. And that's when things may get complicated. I haven't tried it yet, but this is what I will try first:

1 - Assign a different IP address to each domain. Even if they share same document root folder.

2 - Buy a certificate for each domain, and install it in each domain.

Do you think it will work? Does this affect the document root folder at all? If it does not write anything to document root folder, and is only related to the site ip, I think I should be ok.

Thanks for any help!