SSL Certs - are they Trusted


Sep 22, 2011
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I have just used Cpanel to create/generate/activate SSL cert for my domain.
However the domain - continues to show as un-trusted. I am wondering - is it as easy as generating an SSL cert in cpanel and then all is well - when it comes to being trusted? or - does my cert need to be placed into a root CA for it to be trusted - and for this to occur - it requires my host provider to do this for me?

Basically - an end user with access to cpanel - can or cannot create TRUSTED SSL certs alone. ??



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Oct 2, 2010
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You could not create a trusted certificate as those must be purchased by a provider who is trusted by the browsers due to having an intermediary (cabundle) certificate. If you are asking if the SSL will be secure, yes you can create a working and secure SSL without having a cabundle, but you cannot create one on your own that will be trusted by a browser without a warning prompt that needs to be accepted. For that to occur, you must purchase an SSL from a provider.