SSL Certs installation thru WHM



Ok, im still really confused about the following two options in WHM under the heading: SSL/TLS.

There are two options called:

Change cPanel/WHM Certificate and
Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain

1) When does one use the option, CHANGE CPANEL/WHM Certificate?

2) My understanding is that the option, INSTALL A SSL CERTIFICATE AND SETUP THE DOMAIN should only be used if installing a certificate on a domain that has its own ip. Is this correct? Ensim does not allow certificates to be issued to users who are using named based sites. This is the case with Cpanel as well correct?

3) If i am purchasing a SSL Cert for my hostname, the name of my server:, then this should be installed under CHANGE CPANEL/WHM Certificate? If this is true this doesnt work very well because 1) There are no httpd.conf entries made!

If this is not true, then what is CHANGE CPANEL/WHM Certificate used for?

Can sombody clear this up?



[quote:0d9547d106][i:0d9547d106]Originally posted by thaphantom[/i:0d9547d106]

1) when they want to change the certificate cpanel (2087) and whn (2083) use. You can do for secure whm access.[/quote:0d9547d106]

That is correct, but we have some users who setup e-mail accounts for others. The problem with this is that is that if they use 2095 etc our hostname appears in their signin box. I found they would much rather just log in on port 2082, non securely, rather then have our hostname show in their login.
Also, when users share certs, they are a little hesitant to use it because it has our domain in the URL. For eg ours is so they would need to use whatever.