SSL for specific services, which the user accesses using his own domain nam


May 24, 2012
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After spending a few hours reading posts and articles, I still have questions about SSL for specific services (IMAP, POP, SMTP, HTTP).

I've installed SSL services for HTTP before and that's relatively peaceful.

Now I have a client that wishes to buy a certificate (single domain or wildcard) that he can use with all the relevant services (IMAP, POP, SMTP), to avoid the "unknown certificate" error thrown by email clients.
All the email users have their clients configured using their own domain names (not the server wide domain name).
Some may have used "" as well as "" (that's one of the reasons why the wildcard certificate being considered)

What we know:
  • The client is willing to purchase a single domain or wildcard certificate
  • The client wants to keep configuring email clients using his own domain
  • The client doesn't have a dedicated IP address, but we can easily assign him one if required

What I'm assuming (possibly mistakenly) based on what I've read:
  • "Main >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates" is used to manage the certificates for each service, but only for the server wide domain
  • A certificate for the server wide domain, if installed for a specific service, is only accepted by the email client if he configures it using the server wide domain name, not his own
  • A certificate installed on the user's cPanel will only be applied to HTTP

What I'm interested in:
  • How can I help the client use SSL without certificate warnings and still keep his own domain name in the configuration of the email clients

Thanks for your help
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Apr 11, 2011
Re: SSL for specific services, which the user accesses using his own domain

Hello :)

The type of configuration you are seeking is not available with cPanel at this time. This has been discussed on the following thread:

SSL Certificate Per-Domain Services

Thank you.