SSL gone "self-signed" on main WHM installation breaking email clients

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Oct 21, 2019
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The scenario a WHM host with many cPanel domains is called:

Many of the actual clients are not using `` as their email server, but rather the main hostname, ``

I know, this is not how it's done but it's been like that for years and it's worked.

Then boom! Suddenly today the main host installation decides it's going to install a self-signed certificate.

Now every single email client is getting a certificate warning.

I want to make sure the main host just renews itself like it's done for years but whatever certificate that always just worked.

We have multiple A record for the hostname, I suspect this is a clue.

I cannot deduce from the WHM user interface how to install a free certificate. I don't want to buy one for the main installation.

We use Let's Encrypt, but I'm not sure if the main installation uses that.

The screenshot gives a clue where I'm stuck.


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