Feb 4, 2014
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Hello, I am a beginning in not on web development but also the ins/outs of cPanel. I'm trying to set up an SSL certificate on my wordpress site. I have a plugin installed called HTTPS which from what I can tell just helps manage what pages you want to have ssl on. I got my SSL certificate from godaddy, they are not the hosting provider, that is done on a friends server but he is not available for a while. I thought I setup the certificate correctly but I'm not 100% sure as I'm getting an error when I go to the pages I want SSL on my site. Those pages are your basic account/checkout type pages(create an account, my account, checkout, etc) I'm looking for help to know if I setup my SSL right in cPanel or if this is an issue w/the plugin I have installed in wordpress. But I'm not sure what all I need to post up here. Thanks
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you let us know the exact steps you took to install the SSL certificate, and the specific error messages you are receiving?

Thank you.