SSL is not installing


Apr 17, 2013
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Hi everybody,
My problem is not installing SSL certificate. I'm using CENTOS 5.9 x86_64 standard - WHM 11.36.1 (build 5). My steps are like that;
1. Go to CPANEL. Clicked "Generate a SSL Certificate & Signing Request" and fill all the fields.
2. Go to reseller page which I bought the certificate. I pasted CSR code and private key to the fields. Then send the other informations and accepted by the reseller.
3. Go to CPANEL. Clicked "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" and pasted the CSR code which sent me by the e-mail. Then clicked "Browse" button and wrote the domain name to the domain field. At that time my domain is "". I don't know it's necessary or not. Then when I clicked submit, it says matching problem between codes.

I did the steps again and again. But there is missmatch it says. What is the problem? Is there missing step I didn't do? Thanks.


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Oct 20, 2008
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Thanks for your reply. So the main account is created as subdomain. domainame .com. It seems you are trying to install a certificate valid for domainame. com. You cant install certificate for a domain that's not created on server.