SSL - looking for quick answer


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Sep 2, 2002
United Kingdom

How do I setup SSL, I try to look for the guide by itf but was unable to find it :( also there are questions with in the steps

I am wanting to order from have I got the below right ?

I understand I need to make the CSR and paste it into the box on the order form

Can I make the CSR using the following:
1. Log into Web Hosting Manager (WHM)
2. Scroll Down and click on Generate a New Cert
3. I take it will them make the Private and Public Key which one is the CSR if either ? how do I get it
4. Go back with the CSR and paste on your site
5. What do I pick from the drop down from (Question is: Select the server software used to generate the CSR: ) ?

Then when going to install it, I would like to install it via WHM

1. Log in WHM
2. Scroll down and pick Install A SSL Cert
3. Enter domain, User and IP what does the User bit mean does it mean username of the account ?
4. Click Fetch or paste the .crt file in

Is this what I need to do ?