Ssl Problem In Whm !! Help !!!


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Sep 2, 2004
Hi I want to generate a cert for a domain but I cant find how to do it!

In WHM -> WEB SSL/TLS -> Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request
I generated the certificate for the domain, now when I enter to Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain i put the domain, the username and the ip address. When I click on fetch nothing happens!, the domain name is exactly as I entered when I generated the cert.
If I copy paste the cert and key manually that the system sends me to mail and then I click Do it, I got a blank page.

If I go back and do it again I get a message that the cert is not valid :eek:

SSL Support is enabled in apache, I recompiled it today and is the same. Also I tried to asign a dedicated ip to that domain and nothing :eek:

My system is WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.2-R119 on Centos 4.3

Nothing works!



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Jul 13, 2004
Try doing it from the actual domain control panel instead of from the WHM controls.

Each domain on the server has its' own SSL manager.


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Sep 2, 2004
hi again

I tried from CPANEL but all I do is generate the key, the csr and the crt, but then how do I setup ssl?¿

All I want to do is generate a self signed cert, I followed cpanel documentation instructions but nothing..

Please indicate me the instructions.



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Dec 22, 2004
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Load up cpanel
<b>1 - set the TTL for that domain to 60 seconds !!!!</b>
In WHM -> Edit DNS Zone
Choose the domain
change the TTL (2nd column to 60 (its probably set to 14400 currently)
Save that

<b> N.B !! If the TTL was set to 86400, that means it will take a day to change (Propergate). So if you change the IP in the step below, the site will be unreachable for 1 full day !!!, rather wait for it to propergate then do the step below </b>

<b>2 - put the domain on a NEW IP address </b>
Under the heading "IP Functions" on the left menu
choose Change Site's IP Address
Select the site and change it to an un-used IP address.

<b>3- Now we install the SSL</b>
click Main at the top
Choose "Web SSL/TLS"

Here are the 3 options
<b>1) If you want to create a new Certificate Request (key + CSR) choose </b>
"Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request"
Enter all the details.. for the password just enter about 10 spaces
Email the CSR to the customer so he can buy the CERTIFICATE

<b>2) If you have a KEY and CSR and want to install an BOUGHT certificate choose</b>
click "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain"
Enter the domain name and press TAB
(N.B. It must be the same FULL domain name the certificate was issued to. If the certificate was issued to "" use that, if it was only "" then leave the www off)
Enter the username, the ip it is installed on.
then paste key.
Then just copy and paste the CERTIFICATE in to the top window and click
(if you want to use the self sigend cpanel one, when you created the ssl cpanel should have mailed you the key, csr and Self signed certificate)
"Do it". It should now import the certificate properly.
You might need to get the CA bundle if the certificate is from (e.g .comodo), paste it in the BOTTOM window

<b>3) If you want to copy a certificate and key from another server</b>
click "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain"
Next to "Domain :" Enter the domain name (WITHOUT www) and press TAB
It will say NO KEY and also NO CERT found

Paste the KEY in the bottom window
Paste the CERTIFICATE in the TOP window
It might update the page while you are doing that, just repaste whichever one dissappears.
<b>N.B. check the IP address is correct !!!!</b>
Then click "Do it"

If you need a comobo BUNDLE certificate
-- N B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --
If the domain is already live then cpanel will automatically assign it the ip of the live site!!
If that domain is on another server then it will use that IP (eek).
So you need to goto "Multi-Account Functions"
click "Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses"
choose the site and change it to an IP on the CURRENTserver

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