SSL problems on new server


Dec 4, 2017
Jacksonville, FL
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Hi, I am having some issues with SSL on a newly setup server. I make a lot of Wordpress sites, and I exclusively use CloudFlare and the flexible SSL option. I do not use auto-ssl. I have successfully installed both mod_ssl and mod_cloudflare on the server. The green lock shows up ok in the address bar

When I went to install my blog, I noticed the install page looked crazy, something like I have never seen before. Looks like this: [removed]

The thing is, no images are loading, and Chrome is reporting that This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources: The site you're visiting is not secure.

So I create a quick little php page and query the server variable $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] and it is telling me that the server is loading on port 80, and this is while accessing it over https. You can see it here: [removed]


I have used this exact same setup with Wordpress and Cloudflare flexible SSL and have never had any problems. This has shown up for the first time now on a new server, so I think/hope this is a configuration issue. I believe the issue with the https connection and port 80 is the root cause of my issue, but I don't know where I should go to fix this. If anyone could point in the right direction, that would be awesome, thanks.


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Apr 11, 2011

Can you reproduce the issue with a text-only HTML page? The issue you described is sometimes the result of directly linking to unsecure resources within a script.

Thank you.