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Jul 4, 2002
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I noticed there is a debug facility for the standardized hooks, but there is some conflicting information in the cPanel docs (StdHooksGettingStarted): < SoftwareDevelopmentKit < TWiki

The Standardized Hook System provides a multi-level debug mode. The debug mode is controlled by the debughooks key in the cPanel & WHM configuration file /var/cpanel/cpanel.config. The debughook key should be one of the following values:
0 — Disabled (default value)
1 — Log information about defined hooks as they are executed. Do not include data.
2 — Log information about defined hooks as they are executed and their respective data.
PICK Important: This setting can output a large amount of data. This data is potentially log-sensitive. You should be careful when using this debug value.
3 — Log information about every hookable event that is traversed, even if there are no defined hooks for the hookable event. This output includes details for defined hooks with data, i.e., the same as level 2.

The first paragraph notes the config key is both 'debughooks' and 'debughook'. Which is it, as one is clearly a typo and neither appear to be present in the actual config?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The correct key for debug mode is:


I have opened an internal case with our documentation team to ensure this is properly reflected on the "StdHooksGettingStarted" page. For reference, the internal case number is 73297.

Note that this value is not present in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config by default. You must manually add the value to the cpanel.config file.

Thank you.