Static IP - Single account: Reverse proxy to new server?

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Mar 3, 2022
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Server 1: running WHM with a cPanel account at static IP address a.b.c.d - a Wordpress multisite 'hosting' client websites using their own domain names.

Server 2: will pull the cPanel account transfer from Server 1 - but will not (yet) have DNS updated for new static IP address w.x.y.z (different network/subnet).

So Server 1 cPanel account will be suspended, but Server 2 will not yet be routed to by DNS - only available via IP address.

Many of my clients use my custom nameservers so for me to change the A record there, it is trivial.

Some clients, however, have complex DNS and prefer to keep control - so for them I had to tell them to set their own A record to the static IP address a.b.c.d

To give me time to have those clients update their A records to the new static IP address, I want to have Server 1 route all traffic for a.b.c.d to w.x.y.z

I found this: Switch site from one server to another without changing DNS

Question 1: Does this sound like it will work, for what I am trying to accomplish?

Question 2: If so, what is the cleanest way to get this reverse-proxy set up in Server 1?

I looked, and my Apache does have mod_proxy enabled. I'm just not sure where to make the change to Apache configuration - do I do it via Linux bash, or some other "WHM approved" way?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This sounds like a lot of custom work for something that is actually now included in the Transfer Tool. Our LIve Transfer option sets up proxies on the Source server to route traffic to the Destination immediately once the transfer is complete.

Can you check out the details here and see if that would handle things how you are wanting? Transfer Tool | cPanel & WHM Documentation