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Nov 30, 2008
Can someone provide a general overview of the stats generation process?

I am setting up cron to avoid having overnight operations overlap. This is quite easy for backups and cpupd, but I'm not sure how the statistics generation process is timed, other than in the Main >> Server Configuration >> Statistics Software Configuration area where you can tell it when NOT to generate stats.

That page has an option called "Prevent cpanellogd (Log Processing) and cpbackup (Backups) from running at same time."

Now, I can set cpbackup in crontab to run when I want, but I don't see cpanellogd anywhere.

So, which process actually generated the stats (is it cpanellogd?). Would I be right in guessing that it is cpanellogd, and that it runs all the time, and uses it's own schedule configured from the WHM screen above?