"Status Warning" - SSH continually restarting after port change


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Apr 7, 2005
Hi guys,

Due to lots of (failed) brute force attempts over SSH, I've decided to change my SSH port to 30.

I opened up /etc/ssh/sshd_config and changed the port in there and restarted SSH and it works fine. However, when I did that, I started getting these e-mails titled "Status warning from my.hostname.com" every 5 minutes:

System integrity monitor on my.hostname.com has taken action in responce to an event. Recent event logs are enclosed below for your inspection. There has been 4 events today, if an average of 8 events is reached, e-mail alerts will be terminated for the duration of the day.

- Events Summary:
Total event count: 4
Average event count: 0

- Service Summary:
FTP [online - 0 events]
HTTP [online - 0 events]
DNS [online - 0 events]
SSH [restarted - 4 events]
MYSQL [online - 0 events]
SMTP [online - 0 events]

- System Summary:
No system modules enabled - edit conf.sim

SIM 2.5-3 <[email protected]> 09/05/07 08:35:01
Obviously SSH is being restarted each time. I assume that it does not like my port change - why is this? How do I stop these e-mails from being sent?

Thanks :)