Stop cPanel generated emails from being sent to Client?

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Mar 25, 2021
Mount Barker, Western Australia
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Hi All,
Greetings all - new here and not sure if this is the right forum to post this into - I'm sure the Mods will move it if it isn't. :-p
I'll post an introduction later...
So, on with the issue....
I'm a website designer also offering domains, hosting, ssl etc, through Synergy Wholesale Australia through their Console and cPanel 94.0.4.
One of my Clients has twice approached their allocated space allowance and on both occasions, a cPanel generated email has been sent to both myself as admin and my Client.
I like to be proactive with my Clients, so is there any way of stopping the capacity warning email going to my Client's email address please?

Kind Regards
Colin Molloy
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This setting is listed in cPanel >> Contact Information for each user account as we leave this option configurable to the end user.

If you didn't want this to be in place you could remove that icon from the cPanel user interface and manually adjust the "notify_disk_limit" setting to 0 inside the /home/username/.cpanel/contactinfo file, as the user would not be able to easily change that from the interface.