Stop cPanel Updating PERL Modules


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Dec 22, 2003

I need to keep the version of a perl module on my server (SOAP::Lite) at version 0.6.
Every time i run the cPanel update script (nightly automatically) it upgrades SOAP Lite to version 0.66, and therefore my script does not work. Its not an option to change the script since its not mine, and its a very large API script that registers domains.

Any idea how to stop cPanel updating perl modules?


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
cPanel requires certain versions of perl modules to function correctly and new perl modules need to be kept up to date to maintain the security and integrity of both cPanel and the server has a whole, so preventing updates to perl modules is quite a dangerous thing to do.

That warning aside, if you set RPMUP=never in /etc/cpupdate.conf then it'll prevent /scripts/rpmup from running which ought to stop the perl modules being updated.

Perhaps a better solution for you would be to grab the latest perl source from and install perl into an alternative path (e.g. /opt) and then install the perl modules you need into that installation and then have the script that requires a particular outdated perl module use that version of perl instead. This would solve the problem of modules being updated along with leaving the "live" version of perl to update as it needs to.