Stop emails from being redirected


Sep 11, 2017
South Africa
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Good day all,

I have noticed that I receive an email in my inbox and after a few seconds it disappears. After doing some digging it seems that my business partner has set up his email client to automatically redirect all of our website enquiries to his own email address.

Now after taking a look at our channel filters and redirection settings, it seems that he is not doing it via channel (he doesn't have access to it anyway) but i think he's setup his email client (eMail or Outlook) to do this.

How can I prevent this from happening? I have already changed the trigger word/phrases as a short term solution. Is there anyway to prohibit a 3rd party application from redirecting emails?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011

Are you sure the emails are not simply downloaded via POP3? If that's the case, then you should likely setup a separate email account for that user and then setup a forwarder to have the emails forwarded to the separate email account. Otherwise, you could ask the user to configure their email client to use IMAP to allow the messages to remain stored on the server.

Thank you.