stop popups in html editor/or shortcut?


Jul 29, 2004
I would like to have my clients edit their pages with the html editor in cpanel.
The problem is I don't want them to have access to the main cpanel page of their acct.
I want them to log in on a page and be taken directly to the main editing page.
If I give them a direct link they will be able to backtrack from the url.

Someone suggested this link, A script like the one he has there for awstats would be perfect. I have no idea how to do this for the html editor though.

I think the answer is using frames.
I've tried this and it works fine until they click a file to edit.
A new window pops up and they can see the url.
How do I prevent the pages from poping up and instead keep everything in one window?
Looking at the source I can see that the links do specify a there one file or config file I can change?

Thanks in advance.
A :)