Mar 29, 2007
Hi All

Wasn't sure if this should be under this section or just general. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Before I start I will say that 'require verify=recipient' is set.

The main problem is that the server is still accepting [email protected] and [email protected] for
every domain but not delivering it as the domain customers have not set up
those addresses on their own domains. The server then tries to bounce the message.

If the mail came from a forged address, if it exists then the forged sender is
getting outscatter and if it doesn't then the messages sit in frozen. Either way is
not good. The frozen messages are causing the exim logs to be 90%
"Message is Frozen".

What I want it to do is either:

1. to forward ALL abuse and postmaster mails for ALL domains to an address of mine on a different server.
2. at least stop the outscatter and the frozen messages.

Any ideas please ? The datacentre tell me that it would have to be set on
every domain individually, and even then, a CPanel upgrade would probably
wipe out all the mods anyway.:(

Any ideas please ?

All the best