Straight MApping to Google Sites from CPanel


Feb 11, 2013
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Hey Champs,

Here is a post relevant to my post but system needed me to start a fresh thread
Here is Existing:

i need the same in urgency, straight Mapping nothing else
I did it through Advance DNS editor

Based on attachment and Instruction below
Will it work for Google Sites or not ?
Or should i delete or add something in DNS Zone ?


The Google Sites instructions are below for changes

Changing your CNAME record

Depending on your domain registrar, you may need to make changes to your CNAME record in order for your site to be mapped:

Sign in to the site where you control your own site with custom URL.
Navigate to your Domain Name Server (DNS) management page. The location and name of this page varies by host, but can generally be found in the Domain Management or Advanced Settings section.
Find the CNAME settings and in the section 'CNAME value or alias,' enter the sub-domain you'd like to map the URL to. The sub-domain for Example Domain would be www.
Set the CNAME destination to the following address:
Save your changes with your domain host.

Notes about changing your URL

Mappings are restricted to sub-domain level only, such as Example Domain,, or You can't map your domain to what is known as a naked domain, such as Example Domain.
You can map up to five sub-domains to a given site.
Mapping only works with Google Sites that are public. People visiting a private site will be redirected to your standard Google Sites URL. For instance, if people access a private site at, they'll be redirected to the standard URL,