strange account copy issue


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Apr 9, 2004

Just got a new dual xeon Cpanel server for a single site. This site was hosted on Ensim Pro server and I was succesfully able to transfer it to my new server (just love the transfer feature).

After transfer: I changed the siteowner name to 7 chars. It was 9 chars on my ensim server. After the change I was unable to view my transfered databases in Cpanel.

Tried changing the owner name back to original. (Reverting to original siteownername shows the databases on Cpanel->MySQl page on my other transfered sub-domains).

However, I cannot revert the siteowner username for my main domain because it was earlier more than 8 chars (username too long). Now I am not able to view / administer my databases. Nor can I revert back to my 9 char siteownername.

Is there a workaround / solution?