Strange Apache Problem - High Ping


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Jun 26, 2004
Hi there,
i have this problem:

We have 2 boxes in the same datacenter, the ping between the boxes used to be under 4ms. Now it is around 100-200ms which is not good. One of the boxes is the webserver and the other one is a MySQL server.

The hard disk of the webserver crashed yesterday so we got a new one. We have restored all the backups, upgraded the kernel... practically the whole system was restored..

The load on both boxes is normal but the sites are generated very slowly because of the high ping. Both pings are high, when i ping the webserver from the dbserver and vica versa the dbserver from the webserver.

The funny thing is, when i stop apache on the webserver the ping is LOW AGAIN (under 4ms). Everything looks fine .. just that stupid PING.

Could it be a network issue? Please help...

Thanks and Regards