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Aug 29, 2004
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Ok, now this one is really strange.

Im currently using Barca Pro to retrieve email from multiple accounts on the same server, its been fine for the past 3 years up until now........

Currently when retrieving email im seeing the following:

(email address's removed)

Wheras a good working retrieval would show:

This isnt a problem with my email client as 1, it only shows with certain accounts and 2, its the same problem using outlook and thunderbird.

If i remove the email account and recreate it, it works fine for around 30 minutes then does the same again.

Also (which might be of importance) when checking the email account via the browser there IS new email present but its stored in a folder called /cur

Now ive searched on the forum for this and found many threads and posts all saying thats where mail is stored once its been read, this isnt the case here, i can assure you 100% that the emails im trying to receive HAVE NOT been read.

Does anyone know of any solution or fix for this? if not, is there any way to remove or change the "send to /cur once read" option so that all received mail stays in the inbox until removed by my client?

Any help is greatly appreciated.