Strange IMAP issue. Need help ASAP.


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May 12, 2004
Hello All,

Encountered a strange IMAP issue earlier, and it's driving me nuts.

We have CPANEL on our server and we host various mail accounts on the same. Earlier had provided IMAP access to a user since he required it.

Everything worked well and he was able to send/recieve mails, but after a while all the mails were gone off the account. Nothing was shown in the webmail either. Everything was just deleted in INBOX, nothing is there at all.

I tried to test it for him from my side, tried sending a few test mails and they were recieved fine. But when I restarted the PC and checked the IMAP account in outlook again, I faced the same problem, everything in the INBOX was gone! :(

Did anyone faced this problem before, and can you please please tell me is there any way to sort this out?

Thank you very much in advance, this is quite important and is really driving me nuts.