Strange issue - CloudLinux/cPanel server. Configure Backup settings change.


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Mar 13, 2004
This is our first CloudLinux/cPanel server, and we've seen this issue occur twice now.

In WHM ---> Backup ---> Configure Backup

These two settings switch from Enabled to Disabled:

Remount/Unmount Backup Drive
Bail Out If Backup Drive Mount Fails

When the system disables these settings, then the following occurs:

1 -- The cPanel backup system will attempt to backup everything to the /backup folder (i.e. NOT the /backup directory because this is not mounted prior to the server-wide backup session.)

2 -- The root partition rapidly fills up to 100%, then I get this email message from the server:

The file system /dev/sda2, which is mounted at /, has reached critical status because it is 100% full.

And of course our hosted members complain because they get a similar warning when attempting to access cPanel.

Does anyone have any idea why the cPanel system would flip these two very critical options on the Configure Backup page to disabled?


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May 20, 2003
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Re: Strange issue - CloudLinux/cPanel server. Configure Backup settings cha

I can't think of any reason why any settings would be changed automatically like this. You should probably put in a ticket to cPanel Support so they can come by for a closer look.