Strange problem with Exim


Dec 10, 2003

I have a strange problem here with Exim. I am not able to send any emails from my PHP script (using PEAR mail function and also tried with my own script).

I have two domains on my server.

The first time when I tried to send email from one of the domain passes through. AFter 10 mins if i rerun the same script I am getting a STMP timeout error.

But if I again try to send an email from another domain passes through for the first time. After 10 mins even on the second domain I get the same Timeout error.

If I restart the exim or restart the firewall..then again I could send emails for the first few minutes. But after that the same situation again.

One morething is I am able to send mails using the same server as my MTA when using email client like Outlook etc at all the times without any problem.

Does any one have seen such a situation?
Please advise.