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stuck moving to whm ...

Discussion in 'Migrate to cPanel' started by maxelcat, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. maxelcat

    maxelcat Registered

    Oct 1, 2010
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    I have about 10 sites on an older version of cPanel that does not include WHM. I am trying to move the sites over to a new reseller package that does include it.

    the subdomain given to me by my hosting company is

    I have set up a package and used that to create a new account - under the pretend domain

    The point behind this all is that I want to be able to set up "Mirror" versions of the existing site on the New server space. So I would ftp up all the site into the new account. However, I obviously would like to have the "Mirror" all set up and tested BEFORE I redirect the real domain name to it - to create a seemless swap.

    However, I can't access the test sites on the new server. My host said something about setting up either a new subdomain, and I have spent a couple of hours on the phone to them and don't seem to be any further forward.

    Is there some way i can access the new, mirror versions without re-directing the domains - or have I to just accept that there will be a little down time?

    Thanks in advance


    PS sorry about the title - couldn't think of a better one!
  2. manokiss

    manokiss Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2002
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  3. cPanelJared

    cPanelJared Technical Analyst

    Feb 25, 2010
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    Houston, TX
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    There is no version of cPanel that does not include the WebHost Manager. The product has always consisted of two interfaces, the WHM for the server administrator and cPanel for the domain-level user. What it sounds like is you are moving from a regular cPanel user account to a reseller account that gives you access to the WHM as a reseller.

    As manokiss mentioned, as long as mod_userdir is enabled on the server (it is by default) and mod_userdir protection has not been configured to prevent it (this would be done by the server administrator, but by default there is no restriction; if in doubt, you will need to ask the server administrator), then previewing the site by IP address will work:


    where server_ip_address is the IP address of the server hosting your site, and "cpaneluser" is replaced with the username you log into cPanel with. The tilde is important and should be entered before the cPanel username; it tells Apache to "look in the home directory for this system user."

    There is no way to completely avoid all downtime when you change DNS records to point to the new host. Due to the way the Internet DNS system works, it can take some time (from 24 to 72 hours, and sometimes more) for DNS changes to propagate, and this can make your site(s) appear offline in some locations while DNS servers across the globe update their caches.
  4. cPanelDon

    cPanelDon cPanel Quality Assurance Analyst
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    Nov 5, 2008
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    Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
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    DataCenter Provider
    To ensure a complete transfer of information, I would consider accessing cPanel on the previous service to generate a full backup of each account. If the freshly-generated, full account backups are provided to the new service provider they can, via "root" (i.e., Administrator) access, restore each cPanel account in full and reassign ownership to be under your control (so that the cPanel accounts can be managed via your reseller access to WebHost Manager).

    Alternatively, if you provide your new service provider with the IP address and login information for the old cPanel accounts then the new service provider can attempt to transfer the accounts for you, using WebHost Manager via the following menu path: WHM: Main >> Transfers >> Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password

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