stunnel keeps crashing, disabling WHM. Please help


Oct 7, 2003
Boston, MA

I have a FreeBSD based cpanel server.

Every 12-48 hours or so, stunnel keeps crashing and I see the following in the log:
pid 419 (stunnel-4.04loca), uid 1003: exited on signal 6
Nov 21 19:51:41 murdoc /kernel: pid 419 (stunnel-4.04loca), uid 1003: exited on signal 6

(uid1003 is user cpanel btw).

So, stunnel keeps crashing or "exiting" every once in a while and this disables secure way of accessing WHM which is a serious problem...

I can restart stunnel by running /usr/local/cpanel/startstunnel script, but this is not a right solution as every x number of days, stunnel decides to crash or rather "exit".

I am running Freebsd 4.9-RC with cPanel 8.5.3-R4 , WHM X v2.1.1. The server has 1GB of RAM.

I would very much appreciate anyone's input on this... Thank you!