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Jul 17, 2004
I create a subdomain fine in cpanel. a directory is automatically created in the domain. But after an appropriate period of time for propagation, when i type the subdomain in, I am automatically redirected to the isntead of the that I typed. No redirections are set.

The wierd thing is that I have one domain that I have now problem creating a subdomain on, the rest just won't deposit the user into the subdomain, they keep getting routed back out to the main domain

Thanks for any help


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
Check your httpd.conf file to see if it has the right path to the subdomain. I've had it leave out the subdomain folder a few times before.

If it needs to be changed, make a backup copy first, just in case it gets messed up, then after changing it, restart apache.


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Feb 6, 2004
httpd.conf Edit Tip

At the shell prompt use this command:

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl configtest

This should return
Syntax OK

if your edits are correct.

It will return an error message with a line number if your edit was incorrect.

Use this after editing and saving your httpd.conf file but before restarting the server to check the syntax is correct and will allow Apache to restart.

No worries of Apache not starting and returning an error because you did a typo. ;)
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